Smock dresses or baby doll dresses are associated in some minds with youth, your teens and 20’s, therefore inappropriate for older women.

I must say I mostly agree, but that’s only until I dare to throw one on, then I really don’t care what people might say, I feel light and comfortable, confident and maybe even beautiful! 🙂

This little yellow number from Asos is perfectly on trend with the colour, it has a really low cut v neck (which I have caught with a safety pin for the moment lol) and beautiful bell sleeves. It is perfect for a walk and a nice picnic by the river or thrown over a bathing suit on your beach holiday as it is unlined and breezy.

The bag is from Topshop, it is called the Seychelles rope tote bag and even though you can potentially lose your stuff if you don’t borrow another’s bag pouch, it is the loveliest shade of off white and the rope and tassels details are beautiful. Nice size, managed to fit magazines and my picnic blanket in on this occasion, but maybe not the best to pack as quite heavy.

The hat is my dream hat from Lack of Colour, the Ivory Rancher Special and let me tell you, that’s exactly what it is, special! 🙂 I’ve had hats all my life, I am a bit of a hat hoarder (although have really stepped on my soul lately and got rid of loads of them, the ones I have deemed too young lol) but never have I had a hat so amazingly well made! It is so sturdy and the colours used are just stunning, too bad I ordered it a bit too big! I measured my head but 57cm seems to be way too big, the wind definitely carries it off! 🙁 They are available through Amazon, not in this colour at the moment, but when I considered buying it, it was attractive buying it from Amazon as they showed the duties at the moment of purchase. By the time I did decide on making the purchase they were out of stock, which was a blessing in disguise, as didn’t pay any taxes when ordered from the original site and had a little discount code as well, so definitely recommend the actual site for purchase!

I’m geared up with a lot of shell jewellery, which the camera didn’t quite pick up despite my posing for it lol, the necklace is from Liars & Lovers at Asos and so is one of the bracelets, the necklace comes with 2 other layers, very nice piece really, even though the string holding the shell necklace together already broke off and had to be replaced, but don’t really mind, as long as I don’t lose it! 🙂 The other bracelets are a pack of 2 from HM, very affordable and with a bit of a twist.

Hope you had a lovely Easter break, and hanging in there while we get through this 4 day week that seems longer than a regular one, am I right?! lol

Until we meet again,

All my love,