Happy New Year!!! 🙂

I trust everybody has had a magical Christmas and are now more than ready to take on the new year!

I loved reading through all sorts of Christmas and New Year posts from my favourite bloggers and I thought sharing my resolutions with you would be a sure way to keep track of my progress through 2014!

Even though this post is about 2014 and all my crazy plans :), I have attached some pictures from Christmas with some of my favourite presents ever! 🙂

I am wearing a lovely fluffy jumper, with red hearts, as the color red was as close as I could get to a Christmas jumper (maybe I’ll finally give in this year, who knows! :)). I have bought this amazingly cosy jumper from one of our fabulous local shops, Smash.

The cute little deer necklace came from another lovely local shop, Plum. It is made out of ceramic and comes from the talented peeps behind And Mary.

2013’s highlights were our city breaks to London and Paris, starting this little blog 🙂 and having my parents over for a whole week in August! I’m sure there were loads of less impressive things I have already taken for granted like The Art Hutch and myself having our own little stall at a crafts fair, the vintage fairs I’ve attended in 2013, our 5 year anniversary at the Cedar Court in York, etc so I guess, overall 2013 was a good year! 
My hopes however, are that 2014 will be an amazing year! 🙂 And to ensure this I have compiled a list of things I hope to accomplish this year, and I would like to share some of them with you right here 🙂 :
– Get back behind the wheel (I have had my driving licence for nearly 3 years now but due to the fact I had to wait a few months after passing the test and actually driving, somehow I have become paralysed with fear and cannot get myself to drive… 🙁 )
– Make my blog a priority as I see great things happening in the future once I completely invest myself  
– Open my own online shop with the lovely Hayls from The Art Hutch, where we can unleash our creativity to our hearts content 🙂
– Finally decide what I want to be when I grow up, especially since ‘growing up’ is right around the corner 🙂
– Keep a ‘great things in 2014’ jar to open on Christmas day, as inspired by lovely Kate from Scathingly Brilliant
These are some of my goals in 2014 and I would like to thank you kindly if you’re still with me after all that! 🙂
Unimpressed Cisse 🙂
I hope you will all have a fairytale year, the best one yet and look forward to hearing all about your hopes and dreams for 2014!
Until we meet again,
All my love,