Love this time of year, the colours are stunning and the thought of starting to layer my outfits makes me all giddy! 🙂 So taking a little break from the Roma posts, I feel I need to live in the moment and enjoy this time of year, then will be right back to the city of my heart! 🙂

I sometimes wonder about trends, don’t seem to get them right away, only to find myself completely in love with them a month or so later! haha That’s exactly how I felt about the heritage trend, was just not sure about it, not sure it would be me.. Forward a month or so, and all I want to wear is heritage! lol

These trousers have sold out immediately, online at least, but keep looking in stores, they sometimes have more stock than the website! They retail at £49.99, but they are worth every penny! The print is spot on, the shape is out out of my dreams, the high, ruffled waist with the big belt is perfect if you have a smaller waist than you tummy (if you know what I mean lol), and I actually feel slim in them! 🙂 I like to wear them rolled up for a bit of chic 🙂 but they look very smart when down, so definitely office material as well as night out with the right accessories!

The rest of the outfit is basically old stuff, sorry! 🙂 The blazer and round sunglasses are from Topshop, top from M&S basics range, the shoes from Accessorize and the bag is last season Mango! By the way, can I just say Mango are definitely nailing it for me at the moment!! Just got a few more items from their Autumn collection, I’m really impressed with them! 🙂

Have you picked your pumpkin yet? 🙂 We don’t really do that, in fact this is the first year we’ve ever visited a pumpkin patch! I did love it, and this year I’m making a proper effort in decorating for Autumn (not quite given into Halloween decorations yet 🙂 ), and I have quite a few crafty projects on the go, which I will share in my next posts! So, yeah, maybe I’m on my way to conversion! hehe

Hope the week has been kind to you so far, hang in there, the weekend is around the corner! 🙂

Until we meet again,

All my love,