At the weekend, we finally got a Primark in York Monks Cross and I was there at 9:55 to join the huge queue! Wondered whether I will be there for hours, but was pleasantly surprised when the doors opened at 10:05 and all of us got to enter within 5 minutes or less. The store is huge, 16 cash registers downstairs only, complimentary bottles of water and lovely staff to help out! Obviously, could always do with more changing rooms but really the only thing I was let down by was the home department, which has hardly anything in it, and it is squeezed on the second floor between kids and mens. That being said, never have I ever been there when a store opened its doors for the first time, and not having to be disappointed by my size being sold out, I came out with a nice selection of goodies, as follows! 🙂

Shoes, of course, and no less than 7 pairs!!! 🙂 Tan boots £15.00, real leather fringed sandals £16.00, mushroom, scalloped sandals £16.00, daisy sandals £6.00, dusty pink slippers £5.00, peachy pink polka dot espadrilles £2.00 and striped espadrilles £4.00.

This amazing blush / dusty pink jacket was the most expensive item on this haul at £20.00, but I would have honestly paid as much as £40-£45.00 for it!

This little crochet, fringed cover up was only £12.00 and it came in about 4 colours.

The striped basic vest, that came in a ridiculous amount of colours :), was only £2.50, the flamingo purse £3.00, £2.50 for 5 pairs of seamless footies, £1.00 for the candle and £2.00 for the mug.
Needless to say I’m quite happy to finally have a Primark on my door step and be sure to expect more hopefully inspiring hauls in the near future! 🙂
Until we meet again,
All my love,