Since today is that happy 25th of December day 🙂 I hope everybody is having a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

This post is mostly about the Christmas decorations at Castle Howard in the wonderful land that is North Yorkshire! 🙂
This year was my first time visiting the house and Christmas is definitely the best time to do it! 🙂
Castle Howard’s history and grounds are stunning and I have enjoyed the views before, while dancing and singing my heart out at an Olly Murs concert 🙂 as well as when out for delicious picnics! It is an amazing place which would be a perfect and unforgettable reason for you to finally plan a trip this way! 🙂
The following pictures are a little taste of the beauty you can find within the Castle and hopefully plant the desire for you to come and see it yourself! 🙂

Coat – Apricot , Dress – Apricot , Satchel – Accessorize (on sale now!!! :)), Boots – The World
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into Castle Howard and please do let me know if you decide to pay it a visit, as there are so many other amazing places I want to tell you about! 🙂
Have a special Christmas evening! 🙂
All my love,