On a rainy summer day, I love to get stuck into little craft/diy projects and this one came from the desire of brining some colour into my home.
Bought 3 little glass vases from Asda, they were £1 each, and you could try and find similar ones in your local Boyes or even browsing through charity shops. Had little sample pots of Annie Sloan paint in 3 different colours, her small flat brush, and a few dried flowers, easily purchased from Country Baskets, and with the cat safely in the other room I proceeded in transforming the vases into brightness and happiness for most any corner of my home.

It took about half hour as chalk paint dries very fast and doesn’t smell either, so it can be easily used inside the house, and here they are next to my beautiful Clarke and Clarke curtains, in the guest bedroom!:)
Hope this helps give you an idea of a cute, easy and fast diy project if your Saturday is looking as raining as mine! 🙂

Have a fab weekend!

Until we meet again,

All my love,