Yorkshire is also known as God’s Country and for good reason, it is breathtaking! 

Ampleforth Abbey is a religious place, so as long as you treat it with respect, it’s an amazing place to wonder at the architecture and the views and have a little walk on a crisp Sunday afternoon!

On this little walk, I wore my cashmere, khaki, star jumper from The Rusty Fox in Malton for the 6th time (washed 3 times so far and no bubbling yet – yay!!! :)), just cannot get enough of it! It is not cheap, but so far, I can definitely say that it was worth the investment, you don’t need to iron it, it’s soft and warm, and it’s so easy to throw on with jeans, a pair of smart trousers or a corduroy aline skirt, all winning outfits!

Ever since I’ve put on a bit of weight, I’ve had issues finding a pair of jeans I feel comfortable in, ones you can just pick up on a moment’s notice and set out to meet a friend and still look put together, so when I found this pair at H&M, I was over the moon! 🙂 They are a perfect fit, and look great turned up, which is how I like to wear jeans now! lol The coat is my all time fav from Zara, a couple of seasons old, but never less than perfect, and the bag is vintage.

The gorgeous, perfect shade of green chunky brogues, another old amazing find from Clarks, a couple of seasons ago.

And before I finish this post, here are a few stunning views from around the Ampleforth Abbey!

Hope you have an amazing week and I’ll see you mid week with my next Autumn DIY, as I’m determined not to give into Christmas until Mid November! haha

Until we meet again,

All my love,