March is here, Spring is in the air and it’s time to take a minute and revise goals and ambitions for 2014!

However, I won’t get into that just yet, but instead will be talking about one of my favourite online shops and the best coat to ever come from the talented people at Next.

More than half a year ago, Dunya from Dearest Deer wore a fab white shirt with 3d butterflies on and made me instantly fall in love with the online shop she got it from, Ever Ours.
Kimberly, the owner, is the loveliest, friendliest and most accommodating girl you have ever known to own a shop, and on top of stocking amazing dresses and jewellery at an unbeatable price, she makes shopping at Ever Ours a delightful experience, that you cannot help yourself going back over and over again! 🙂
The tunic I wore in this post as a dress despite it being a bit too short 🙂 retails at only £28.00 and is a perfect smock tunic with gorgeous pattern and colour mix, still available at Ever Ours.
I’ve had this stunning coat from Next for a couple of years now and bought it full price without thinking twice about it, as I was absolutely memorized by the amazing colour and perfect figure hugging style.
I wear it mostly during the Autumn season, as the colour blends in so beautifully with the falling leaves and romantic atmosphere this season creates, but cannot help myself pulling it out of the wardrobe every now and then during warmer Winter days or chilly Spring nights.
To complete the look I have added these amazing, as new condition, mid heel, black leather brogues from Clarks bought for just £15.00 from Ebay – I’m an avid bargain hunter on Ebay, if I haven’t mentioned this before!!! 🙂

The mud was all me and my inspired choice of location! :)))
Hope you’ll all have the happiest Spring ever! 🙂
Until we meet again 🙂
All my love,