Believe it or not, Spring has arrived! I for one can’t believe it, I find it bizarre how life just keeps on going no matter what hardship or joy every day has in store for you which can potentially alter the course of your planned out future… But none the less, Spring has arrived and that, like most beginnings, is cause for joy! 🙂

While beige is the it colour of the season, I find white goes with everything and I just cannot stop wearing it at the moment. It especially goes really well with all sorts of beige tones! 🙂 

Mango to me is the unsung hero of the high street, the pieces you can find in there are unique, very high on quality and originality and the price is not higher than your Zara prices, for instance. I see a lot of hauls on Youtube but very few on Mango and I do believe that’s a huge oversight! This amazing white and brown/beige checked coat was a bargain in the sales, I still can’t believe my luck to actually have found it in my size! And that’s another thing about Mango, their sales are amazing!!! And early enough to still be able to wear the items for a couple of months or so before the new season starts. The white trainers can still be found  here at Next, they are the only shoes I have been able to wear since I have broken my ankle last March, they are stylish, very comfortable and thankfully, still very on trend! 🙂

The white white leg culottes and the best buy when it comes to white Summer shirts are both from Zara. The culottes are still available here and they are not see through and very well made, I have them in a lovely brown as well! Perfect for Spring/Summer and could definitely hold their own in cooler temperatures as well! The light, oversized embroidered polka dot shirt is my fav buy so far for SS19, still available in a few sizes here. Very versatile, worn here with a couple of loose buttons at the base and tied in a little knot. The little fang chocker was a find in my York HM store and the sparkle coin necklace is another Mango steal, unfortunately neither available online. 🙁 

Sunglasses are an old purchase from Joy and they are pretty much my go to pair, hardly ever wear anything else! Really wish I had purchased 2 pairs at the time, but never mind! lol

Have a fantastic week ahead!

Until we meet again,

All my love,