Having completed the 4 week pre-training Body Boss programme and now at the end of week 2 from Cycle 1 of the actual programme, I have to say this is beyond true! Habit is, and will be what keeps me going! 

My life has been beyond hectic since the last time I posted, will touch base on that in time, however I am back now and I have so many ideas for the blog, I feel my head will explode! haha

But before we get to that next week, I wanted to give you an account of what happened with the rest of the 4 Week Challenge.

I managed to follow all the sessions, modifying bits to suit my physical capabilities, like the half burpees, which for some reason kick my behind so could only do what I call ‘quarter’ burpees :), or the push-ups, which I can’t fully perform to the ground, but half way there is better when executed properly, I feel – no expert though! 🙂

I haven’t kept up with their suggestions of activities in between sessions, nor have I made an effort to eat extra healthy (maybe just a little effort :)), and I can’t say I see any difference in my body shape after all that!

However, after taking a week off to go visit the city of my heart, Rome, I came back and started the proper programme and I’m still at it! 🙂

I have to say, for me, starting the pre-training, was like going from 1 to 90 all at once, and wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep at it!

I have read somewhere though that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and habits are the ones that keep you going, as they remove the need to make a decision, you just get on with it!

And this is what I accomplished after sticking with the pre-training programme for 4 weeks and I couldn’t be happier!

Yeah, my tummy is still there, and I notice no muscles anywhere as yet, however I’ve come to now have a routine with my exercises and I actually enjoy the soreness I feel after, and I can feel my body getting stronger and I look forward to completing the programme, only to start it again, hopefully being able to do the exercises as they are meant to be done and start the new year as a new improved me! 🙂

Enough of that now! 🙂

Hope you found some inspiration in your regular Jane taking on such challenge and finding herself a winner of some sort at the end of it!

Hey, if I can do, anyone can!!! 🙂

Until we meet again,

All my love,