Although second week proved to be a lot more difficult, I’m still here! 🙂

Whereas last week The Plank Challenge was the ‘easy’ one, this week it proved to be too much! 🙁 Monday I did the 45 seconds, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – managed 60 seconds on Tuesday, but collapsed before timer ran out on the other 2 days and Friday/Sunday barely managed under 60 seconds instead of the 90 seconds required… Seriously considering starting over as I’m obviously not fit enough yet to keep this up at this level… Or wondering if it would be better to just do the 90 seconds say with a break half way… Hmmm, still debating on this one…

The Body Boss had to be done on different days than advised due to work again, and last session, a forth one this week had to be postponed until Monday coming due to pulling a groin muscle during last work out… I think that was due to not stretching out properly, I didn’t take my time with that and I’m paying for it…

The fourth Body Boss pre-trainign session (Monday, completed Monday) lasted about 30 minutes, legs had to be kept bent on the leg lifts and head held due to strain experienced in the neck area.

The fifth Body Boss pre-training session (Tuesday, completed Friday) lasted about 25 minutes, had to struggle with half burpees. again.

The sixth Body Boss pre-trainig session (Wednesday, completed Saturday) lasted about 30 minutes and had be pulling a groin muscle while doing side/touch ground lounges and struggle some more with half burpees.

Week 2 conclusion – bit demoralised but still wanting to carry on with it all, hoping the groin muscle will ease up by tomorrow so I can catch up and get on with week 3.

Until we meet again,

All my love,