So 1 week in and not much to be proud off, surprise surprise! 🙁

While I tanked big time in the eating healthy department, especially with having a 4 day weekend with this Bank Holiday Monday, I totally stuck to the exercise routine, well in a manner of speaking…

Basically the Body Boss promised you’d see results with only exercising 3 times a week for a total of 24 minutes each time with no equipment required, but when you get down to it, just like every other exercise program, you have to eat right and do this or that (like yoga, cross trainer, etc) on your days off and the actual exercises only take 24 minutes if you are fit as Madonna, otherwise, if you are your average Jane like me, it can take up to half an hour and more…

I tried to get the exercises done and do not worry about the other extras, and it was hard as no matter how many times I told myself I have to focus on my health and well being, work was an absolute nightmare, short staffed, had to cover shop floor so beyond stressed doing two jobs at once, and trying to make sure if I drop any balls they wouldn’t be any of the big ones! 🙁

So didn’t do the exercises on the days I was supposed to due to the fact I had to work 9 hour days to stay afloat with the workload I was left with, but ended up doing them none the less!

The plank challenge is the ‘easy’ one, in terms of time, as it is only seconds so that will always get done without exception. I started of with 2 days of 20 seconds, 2 days of 30 seconds, 1 day of 40 seconds, 1 day of rest and last day of the week with 45 seconds. It’s hard, after 20 seconds my whole body is convulsing trying to fight what I’m making it do, but I’ve stuck with it and hoping it will make a difference. I do feel my core working all the time!

The first Body Boss pre-training session (Monday, completed Monday) lasted a total of 40 minutes, struggled a bit, had to split some reps into 2 sessions with a small break in between as couldn’t go through all of them at once but ok and invigorating! 🙂

The second Body Boss pre-training session (Wednesday, completed Saturday) lasted 30 minutes, and while overall doable (by the way you need little weights for this one!!!), I found the Half Burpees an impossibility for me, and only managed to jump quarter of the way in and nearly passed out from the effort!! They are definitely my mountain to conquer!

The third Body Boss pre-trainig session (Friday, completed Sunday) I actually quite enjoyed! It lasted a total of 15 minutes, they call it a POWER-UP HIIT CIRCUIT and you have 4 exercises you have to repeat 12 times each time, as many as you can fit in a 6 minutes work out – aced this one! Haha

Week 1 conclusion – nothing different, I’v not because Kate Hudson over night, however I do feel good about having an exercise routine in my life and look forward to see my challenges for next week!

Until we meet again,

All my love,