As you can tell, my blog is slowly getting a makeover and even though it has been exhausting and a great exercise in patience and perseverance (which is the worst thing you can throw at the queen of procrastination!! :)), it is slowly getting to where I’d like to see it! So bare with me, I promise to make this platform more aesthetically pleasing, entertaining, informative and helpful!

The 4 week challenge is perfect to start off breathing life back into the blog, and it is something I needed to do for myself for a very long time now!

It has been brought on by a looooong, stressful period of focusing on the wrong things and losing track of what is important and it involves a number of daily challenges, mostly physical and the conscious decision to ensure I make my health and well being the main focus of my day!

The physical challenge involves The 4 week Pre-Training Body Boss Program and The 28 day Plank Challenge, which might not sound like a lot to you but to me it will be like going from 0 to 90! 🙂

The personal challenge involves prioritising my health by turning my back to stress completely, and focusing on making every moment count in the right way!

I will keep an accurate account of everything I do and I will tell you all about it on each of the next 4 Sundays!

So wish me luck and cross your fingers for me 🙂 and I will meet you here next Sunday with the first post on my 4 Week Challenge!

Until we meet again,

All my love,